Friday, July 17, 2015


"Hey dude,
 Are you free now?"
"I'm in the middle of something, but yes,
 Tell me, What?"
"There is a new work,
 It's simple,
 Nothing special.
 An ad, we need, 
 Something different, 
 Something special."
"You said nothing special."
"Well, yes, but it's simple.
 It's for client Mister Ex,
 I don't have a proper brief,
 But we need the ad. 
 Make something up, 
 Write it well, 
 It's nothing special.
 Find a concept,
 Do something creative,
 Make it special."
"You said nothing special."
"It's not that, buddy,"
"(Buddy! Don't call me that you dumbass, I hate you)"
"Don't make it special,
 But make it special.
 You need to make it the best,
 Do your creative best, 
 It should be out of the world,
 Something no one thought about,
 So unique that you blow the world,
 So special that you make me famous (coz, I'm the boss),
 So, get along, do it, tout suite!"
"Okay then, 
 Creative, Special, Awesome, Unique, Wonderous,
 Lemme try, I will give it my best,
 How much time do I have?"
"How much time do you need?"
"A day or two at least?"
"You have one hour. Thank You!"

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