Friday, July 24, 2015

An old piece- Written for EFL Uncut Magazine - Nov 2008

The ‘leg’acy

After a lot of persuasions and ‘blackmails’ (for the single reason that I’m a journalism

student) here I am, to write something. It’s the legend of a leg.  As you all know the latest

version of the CFA (Campus Football Association) tournament ended with only one casualty.

I’m going to tell you all about the incident that happened 2-3 weeks ago.

Mr. X (who wish to be unnamed, as though it is easy to be unknown), a 1st year student of

the university, is usually called as ‘karuthamuthu’ (black pearl) by his friends. He is a boy

who likes to talk and crack jokes. He is very strong. I don’t know why he had a full haircut

but he looks glamorous now. His smile is very much showing and it is a difficult smile to

Our protagonist joined the CFA league. Sorry guys, I don’t know the name of his team (I

found it very difficult to remember all those weird names). Anyway, his team won the 2nd

prize. I’m not going to all those details. Remember, our story is about the leg; his leg.

It was the second day of the tournament. As our hero scored goals and was rocking the

whole stadium (if we can call it that), a sudden tragedy happened. He was heading with the

ball to the opposite goalpost and a great forward of the other team blocked him. Both of

them fell down. Both of them got up and played again.

At night when I saw him as usual he smiled and talked to me. We happily talked about the

football match.  The next day I heard the news that he was taken to the hospital. That

night he came back to the campus with a new attachment to him, a plaster.

By seeing the pure white plaster, the artistic minds of some of us came to life. We took

borrowed sketch-pens in our hand and started being ‘Michelangelo’s ‘on it. After about half

an hour it really became a billboard with advertisements varying from Shankar cements to

Pepsi on it. After some days another artist painted ‘stick no bills’ on it. Many people

autographed the plaster. Have a look, it is truly a masterpiece. This is the legend of the

leg. I hope the hospital authorities will give it to us after removing it from his leg.

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