Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Poem

(DISCLAIMER: I claim nothing through this)

I came to the city.
It din't welcome me, it's lifeless.
It's the 'zombieland'
It din't welcome me.
I welcomed myself into it.


I travel, I travel long
I see people talking.
I realize.
Feels a prick somewhere... "I am a loner."
I say aloud "Who cares, I rock!" Then, then
The prick becomes a wound, a bloody wound.
Feels dry, feels thirsty.


I sit and wonder
With my purse in hand,
My 9-year old purse (gift from dad).
Where did the money go?
What will i do? I pray.
God is great, gives me two answers.
1.Call home
2. It's high-time you called home.


  1. since wen did u bcum a loner?? modnst Poem???

  2. at times i feel so, can't help it... ;) and if it looks modern to u,so be it! hehe...

  3. You are right...I too often say "Who cares"...Loneliness is the worst case one faces in their life..and i too am a "prey" for that...


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