Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Arrival

The Arrival

(dedicated to all pure souls in my University)

Someone says,
"He's coming."
Everyone's elated,
"He's coming? Wow!"
Someone else thinks,
"He's coming,
it's time for the great revolution."

"He's coming!"
Things change.
"Il va arriver!"
"Ayal varunnu!"
"Woh aa raha hein!"
New roads, black carpet for him.
"Athanu vasthaadu!"
Security alerts, identity cards.
"Er ist unterweg!"
Decorations in place, rest spotlessly burried.

It's time to wait for him.

We wait.

We waited.

We were waiting.

Now, the climax.....

'The flower pots are taken back.'

Yes, we were not waiting,
We were wasting.
'Sab Khel Hein...!'


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